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The Rewards Platform

Send Rewards in real time by spreadsheet upload for bulk delivery or simply select a branded gift card, add a recipient name, email and click send.


Connect with the Bamboo API to automate delivery of rewards and incentives within your application or platform.

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Options to satisfy all your recipients around the world

Pre-Paid Cards

Physical and digital cards delivered in bulk packages to recipients.

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Branded eGift Cards

Real time delivery of dozens of e-gift cards to popular, internet retailers worldwide.

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Bamboo Card

 Code that can be redeemed for any branded eGift Card in our catalog. The ultimate gift of choice.

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Why use digital rewards.

Choose e-gift cards to provide the choice and experiences that delight Recipients and make successful programs.

Employee Engagement

Engage employees with employee gifts, sales incentives, spot rewards, safety awards, and more.

Wellness Participation

Incentives and reward employees for making good choices around health, finance, and wellbeing.

Research Participation

Incentives participants across online surveys, panels, user testing, focus groups, and ongoing trials.

Customer Acquisition

Attract new customers and engage prospects with gift-with-purchase, rebate, and promotional programs.

Customer Loyalty

Give back to customers for earning points, making repeat purchases, or expanding business with you.

Customer Advocacy

Incentives customers to make referrals, complete online reviews, give testimonials and feedback, and more.

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